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We promote the health and well-being of college students through healthy snacks.

By partnering with different universities, we are able to promote student loyalty by personalizing the snacking experience and championing school spirit.

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We are committed to:

Healthy Snacks


We make healthy, delicious snack bars with 12–13g protein, 8g fiber and 4-5g sugar per bar, in a variety of flavors. We pride ourselves on the nutritional profile of each bar, without sacrificing taste, in order to give college students healthy and accessible snack options.


We are active in campus life, present in our on-campus office, branded delivery vehicles, and through our on-campus promotions. We employ both students and alumni in addition to offering fundraising opportunities to various on-campus organizations. It is through this engagement that we are able to gain a better understanding of how to best serve our clients’ needs.

Campus Engagement
Entrepreneurial Education


We award an annual scholarship to at least one student in the Entrepreneurial Studies Department or similar field of study at the universities we partner with. We are also fortunate to have working relationships with those departments and with our student and alumni employees who help us maintain our vision.


We are taking steps to strengthen our eco-consciousness by ensuring that all of our packaging is recyclable and/or made from recycled materials. Additionally, all College Bars delivery vehicles are hybrid or electric in order to minimize our use of fossil fuels.

Positive Workplace


We are committed to fostering a positive work environment by promoting work/life balance and maintaining good energy all around. We believe in the power of positivity and in lifting each other up—so that we can be the best individuals and team
we can be.

Our Team

Coming fresh out of the nutrition/snack bar manufacturing space, our Executive Team has over 65 years of collective experience in the entrepreneurial world.

Our comprehensive experience is based in all aspects of business management: Sales, Operations, Finance, Executive Leadership and more. We founded, built and/or sold businesses in a variety of industries including Nutrition Bar Manufacturing, Consumer Lending, and Transaction Processing. Our team is perfectly positioned and well-qualified for successful launches with universities nationwide. 

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